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How To Make Money Selling Drugs screening and discussion

NY Capital Region NORML has been working with the folks at Spectrum 8 Theatres to bring you the scandalous new film How To Make Money Selling Drugs. After which we will be honored to hold a discussion panel with Audience Question and Answers. We are pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for [...]


New York State Public Health Law Article 33-A: Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act (PBH Article 33-A) The New York State Public Health Law Article 33-A was established in 1980 as legally established system to research the efficacy of Medical uses of Marijuana in the treatment of “Cancer patients, Glaucoma patients, and patients afflicted with other [...]

Legalization is Coming to NY – Help us get this done.

It is now the 4th of July 2013, a day that we are celebrating freedom. Well, many of us are, but many of us also think of how our freedoms have been whittled away by rampant laws and torturous tactics levied upon us and or our families in the name of justice. These failed policies [...]

NY Assemblyman Katz Affirms yes vote on Medical Marihuana.

We recently received this from Assemblyman Steve Katz regarding his vote on Medical Marijuana. Please consider contacting him and thanking him for the affirmative vote and ask him to sponsor the Capital Region NORML Cannabis Commerce Act. Here is his letter as we received it for immediate release. ____________________________________________________ As one of only two Assemblymembers [...]

S4406 and A6357 – New York Medical Marijuana 2013

Let’s get this through…. Please Write a letter, email, or make a call to all of your representatives in support of S4406 and A6357. Click here to act now and contact your representatives. Find other ways to ACT NOW!! here.

New York is too big to prosecute!! So let’s just do it. Legalize!!

Today there is only one reason not to legalize Cannabis and that is irrational fear. But of what? Right now there are 2 states that have legalized personal possession of Marijuana for anybody over the age of 21. There are 18 states, and Washington DC, that have legalized the use of Marijuana for medical use. [...]

CANNABulance – Mobile Marijuana Library

Today our board voted to start a new Educational campaign to educate the general public and politicians about the relative safety and utility of The Cannabis Plant. Not only as a medicine, but we have chosen this particular vehicle and message to draw attention to all the information we will be providing. This is going [...]

NY State Police Marijuana Eradication Farce

Today, August 30, 2012, A bunch of darkly dressed and well armed assailants blatantly and proudly raped a local community of what may have been millions of dollars in locally grown vegetation. “We’re talking Multi-thousand…  plant range.” says one representative of the State police.  According to reports, and there where 5 that I know of [...]

2012 A huge year for Marijuana reform

This year is a unique year in the Marijuana Reform movement. From unprecedented national support demonstrated by nearly every poll on the issue to the number of legislative efforts that have and will come to a vote by the end of the year, it is undeniable that opinions are quickly swaying toward full legalization for [...]

Marijuana is part of your community….

There really is no doubt about it Marijuana is a part of society and all communities in the United States. Your community is no different. Even though it may seem that way at times, your community is filled with closet smokers, family of smokers, past smokers, curious patients, dedicated patients, and even some people who [...]