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International Marijuana Laws: Three Takes In Three Countries

Three countries, one week and three different public policy views about cannabis laws: Switzerland — After years of debate, and with a number of cantons having already done so, the entire nation of Switzerland began a cannabis possession decriminalization policy for adults. This is not unlike similar penalties in fifteen states in America and likely a prelude to eventual legalization in the infamously ‘neutral’ country (certainly more than most countries as the Swiss have been largely neutral in the war on some drugs). Romania — Romania became the tenth European […]

Michigan: Most Voters Favor Eliminating Criminal Penalties For Marijuana Offenses

Nearly 80 percent of Michigan voters favor eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana offenses, according to survey data released by Epic-MRA Polling and commissioned by the Michigan state affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Expected Soon: More Decriminalized Marijuana In Michigan

As part of an ongoing cannabis law reform effort in Michigan, voters in three more Michigan cities will soon have the chance to do what their elected officials regularly fail to do: pass laws that decriminalize a small amount of cannabis for personal adult use. The Detroit Free Press reports today that three Michigan cities–Ferndale, Jackson and likely Lansing–will have binding voter initiatives that effectively decriminalize cannabis possession in these three municipalities. Numerous other cities in Michigan have already adopted decriminalization, as have 17 other states overall, and as former [...]

CANNABulance – Mobile Marijuana Library

Today our board voted to start a new Educational campaign to educate the general public and politicians about the relative safety and utility of The Cannabis Plant. Not only as a medicine, but we have chosen this particular vehicle and message to draw attention to all the information we will be providing. This is going [...]

NY S709 / A4978 – Initiative/Referendum act

S709-2011 / A4978-2011: Provides for initiative and referendum in New York State for the People as electors to propose or reject laws and submit amendments to the state constitution This is not directly related to Marijuana Legalization, but it is relevant to the issue in a huge way. Every time “The People” get a chance [...]

NY S5187-2011/A7620-2011

Standardizing penalties associated with marijuana possession Write, call , and  contact your NY State Senator (NOT U.S.)  and Assembly representatives and tell them that S. 5187  and A. 7620 MUST be passed. Find your local SENATOR here: or http://www.nysenate.gov/senators Find your local Assemblyman or Assemblywoman here: http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/?sh=search “Hundreds of New Yorkers who have been caught [...]